PowerShift is an annual convening of executives, artists, and all those in between. It's dedicated to exploring new forms of power in organizations and society and forging new relationships and collaborations between its diverse group of attendees.

We developed a fun, energetic graphic identity system that was used across all conference collateral: signage, name badges, informational booklets, dinner menus, and more.

Powershift Graphic Identity
Attendee's official titles were struck from their name badges. Upon arrival, they were given a marker and encouraged to write in their dream title. The exercise worked beautifully, reinforcing PowerShift's improvisational, playful culture and setting the tone for interaction and out-of-the-box thinking.

We're always looking for ways to add value to our client's projects. In addition to developing the look and feel of PowerShift's inaugural gathering, our deliverables collectively function as a visual style guide for the creation of future marketing and event collateral.

Powershift Project Collage