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Service Thread is a visionary engineer and manufacturer of technical thread and yarn for various industrial applications worldwide. Their brand identity and website were significantly outdated, devaluing their image both on and off the web. Within a textile industry perpetuating push marketing and plagued by deeply stratified management structures, Service Thread briefed us to highlight a company culture that values teamwork and employee input while promoting its differentiation as a perpetual service provider.

Brand Reboot

We led Service Thread through a series of energetic self-discovery exercises. This inspired the resulting identity system—informed by the innovative, service-based approach prevalent in contemporary technology culture and the automated precision intrinsic to 20th-century manufacturing. Our brand reboot, along with the implementation of a content-based marketing strategy, facilitated the largest sales growth in the company's history.

[they] don't just design and execute content; rather, they work as thought partners on every level, challenging and sharpening our focus and purpose on campaigns.”

Jay Todd, CFO
St Responsive

Website Relaunch

We transformed Service Thread’s website from basic brochureware to a robust marketing and lead generation tool—including real-time chat, thought leadership, actionable analytics, and more. Audiences are segmented according to their needs and encouraged to contact the appropriate specialist. Using an ExpressionEngine CMS, we simplified the editorial workflow to make publishing new content quicker and easier.

The site was built to be mobile-first, meaning it adapts to the device it is being viewed on. As a result, we observed a signifcant increase in mobile traffic within a month of launch.

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